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What I Eat in a Day: Intermittent Fasting (IF) 16:8

Hey Mocha Family,

My body has adapted really well to an eight hour eating window and sixteen hours of fasting, much of which happens while I sleep.  As I shared in last week's video, I started playing around with Intermittent Fasting in January of this year.  There has been lots of trial and error since there are so many variations to try.  I walk you through all of my meals in this video and hope you'll find it as helpful as I did when I was trying to figure out what would work best for me.

Be blessed!
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Does Intermittent Fasting Work? My Story

Hey Mocha Family,

Have you ever heard insanity defined as doing the same thing over and over, while expecting a different result?  That was me. Despite my troubling symptoms, I continued to eat in the same way day by day. I am so grateful for our yearly progressive fast (every January), and finally being able to consider the possibility that I should try something radically different.

Intermittent fasting is being discussed regularly on Youtube.  I was able to find a slew of videos along with articles online.  In fact, the volume of information may be overwhelming.  Since January, I've been trying a number of variations of when to eat and fast.  I have finally found my sweet spot.  I share about it all candidly in this longer than usual video.

Initially, I was hesitant to reveal so much because of the controversy around choosing not to eat.  As a social work professional, I know all about eating disorders and the dangers of developing a distorted body image.  My journey is about …

8 Month Lock Update | Starting locks with Short Vs. Long Hair

Hey Mocha Family,

Here is the break down of pros and cons according to my personal experience:

Pros to Starting Short

1. Very little to no bunching.

2. Hair locked faster.

Cons to Starting Short

1. Limited styling.

2. More unravelling during the baby stage.

3. Mental adjustment to short hair aesthetic which looked different to me than short loose hair.

Pros to Starting Long

1. Variety of styling options.

2. I had no unravelling in the baby stage when I started with braids.

Cons to Starting Long

1. Possible bunching as the hair shrinks and condensing.

2. Rapid loss of length to shrinkage.

3. Mental adjustment to super fuzzy hair.

4. Slower transformation to hair looking locked.

If you can think of more pros and cons, please leave a comment!

Be blessed.

How to make a Slick Ballet Bun with Side Part | Donut Bun

Hey Mocha Family,

Did you know that I've been making these slick ballet buns for years?  I especially loved how this one stayed picture perfect for the entire day.  It's all in the technique and not rushing the process.  Take your time detangling or the hair won't be as flat on the head.  I actually reach for a tool like my Tangle Teezer for this.  Finger detangling is not enough.  Moisturize for a good shine, but be sure to use products that mix well with the gel you're using.  I use lots and lots of gel.  I am literally gluing the strands in place with gel.  Brush it all in with a natural boars bristles brush.  A paddle brush is just not the same.  Don't forget to gel the bun itself!  Nothing worse than laid hair with a fuzzy bun.  Finally, tie everything down with a silky scarf.  Be sure to apply pressure to every strand you hope to set.  Do NOT remove the scarf until the hair is as dry as possible.  It's OK if the hair is damp in the middle, but the front …

What if Your Kid is NOT Going to College? | Skip College?

Hey Mocha Family,

This process has stretched me so much.  It just never occurred to me that one of my children would reject college when she's so academically capable.  I left this chat pretty much uncut so you can join in our conversation.  I think this is the best decision for Bekah, and am looking forward to watching her grow but spiritually and professionally.

Be blessed!

7 Month Lock Update | Semi Freeforming

Hey Mocha Family,

Here is my 7 month lock update.  There's not much to say so I thought I would just show you how my hair is doing.  I am very happy with the progress.  We are now in the teenage lock stage, with no more unravelling and my hair doing what it wants to do.  Semi freeforming is a win, win for me.  I love this new laid back lifestyle.

Be blessed!

Chat, Motivation, YouTube Live Stream Yes or No

Hey Mocha Family,

Seems like every social platform has a live stream application now.  Do you want to do a live stream through YouTube?

Be blessed!